MSOA 17th International Meeting

14 – 17 May 2020 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

On behalf of the local organizing committee, it is both an honor and a pleasure to announce the convening of the 17th International Meeting of the Mediterranean Society of Otology and Audiology in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from May 14 – 17, 2020.
Slovenia has 43 km of the Mediterranean coast which enables us to be a part of The Mediterranean Society of Otology and Audiology (MSOA). MSOA was established in the year 1987 as a boutique, prestigious and dedicated organisation which creates, promotes and supports clinical and basic research based on colaboration in the region. It is our primary objective for the meeting to bring together up-and-coming researchers to present up-to-date research results and clinical experiences from the fields of otology, audiology and neurotology. Nothing will bring us more pleasure than seeing professional friends, young colleagues actively discussing their latest achivments, both basic and clinically applied.
Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a vibrant city with rich cultural heritage, established by the Roman emperor Augustus in the year 4 A.D. It is developing with a clear vision of putting the quality of life at the forefront. With almost half a million residents in its region, it does not rank among the major European capitals, yet combines many facilities and services of a larger city with the relaxed ambience and safety of smaller towns. It features a harmonic blend of Baroque, Art Nouveau and newer styles, on the old Roman city of Emona complemented by a medieval hilltop 11th-century castle. A rich agenda of cultural events, a lively café society and an active youth scene fuelled by 50,000 university students contribute to Ljubljana’s dynamic flair. The European Commission has awarded Ljubljana with the prestigious title of European Green Capital 2016, while the World Travel and Tourism Council has named it winner of the Tourism for Tomorrow 2015 award in the destinations category.
The local organizing committee with the help of MSOA steering committee and several other colleagues is committed to make this meeting a memorable event for all participants. We truly hope that all members of MSOA and others otologists, audiologists, neurotologists, speech and language pathologists will be able to join us in Ljubljana in May 2020. 
Saba Battelino
Conference President 
Janez Rebol 
Scientific Secretary
Nina Božani?-Urban?i?
General Secretary
Klemen Jenko

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